Student Power for Accessible Education

Learn how to build a strong and sustainable student movement that wins changes on campus with our SDS Student Power for Accessible Education Organizing Guide, available for online viewing or print and distribution. Make sure to join our Student Power for Accessible Education Google Group which connects students across the country who are fighting for change at their schools, and also includes tons of resources! Join the Student Power for Accessible Education facebook group!

Student Power for Accessible Education is SDS's national student-led campaign to make our schools accessible, democratic, and socially responsible! Our country currently faces economic, environmental, military, and social crises. Education can turn these obstacles into opportunities. Our schools must be affordable and accessible to all who wish to learn if education is to play this vital role. Beyond accessibility, the quality of education must be improved. Schools must be connected to the broader challenges beyond them. Students have historically played crucial roles in movements for social change - from the Civil Rights Movement, to ending the Vietnam War, to electing Barack Obama president. We follow that tradition. Our struggle for a better world includes reclaiming our schools and refocusing their priorities! Overall Campaign Goals: 1. Universal, free, equitably-funded schools at all levels 2. Schools run democratically by students, workers, teachers, and the local community 3. Debt cancellation of all student loans 4. Affirmative action and a focus on anti-oppression to end all forms of oppression in our schools and communities These goals were collectively drafted by students around the country. They reflect our vision for a better world. Though they are large and distant we have a program to win intermediate goals and victories along the way to the bigger ones. The campaign has two sets of targets: local (high schools and colleges) and national (U.S. Department of Education). We have sub-goals for each of these groups, as well as strategy and tactics that pressure these institutions to change. Organizing our schools is the most important part of our campaign! For more information, please check out: Campaign Organizing Materials Local Campaigns National Target Victories Student Power in the News