Students for a Democratic Society is a radical multi-issue organization that leads campaigns to win change, and builds people power in our schools and communities!

Our goal is to be a leading force in the national student movement. We can build a sustainable movement that actually wins material change, and ultimately transforms society. History shows that most of the basic rights we have today, from the 8 hour work day to Ethnic Studies, were won through mass mobilization and direct action. We can take control of our campuses, workplaces and our communities when we organize. That is why SDS says: Dare to struggle, dare to win!

We are entirely student and youth-led and have active chapters in high schools, colleges, and universities all over the country.

Being truly grassroots means SDS doesn't have any organizational affiliation or get funds from NGO's or political parties (with strings attached -- making sure our movement doesn't get "too radical"). Therefore we do not have paid staffers, we are completely volunteer based.

Check out our "About SDS" pamphlet in our chapter building kit for more information on why and how we organize campaigns! The link is available on our homepage.