SDS Victories

  • Canceled Condoleeza Rice’s speaking gig at the U of Minnesota - 2014
  • Tuition equity bill for undocumented students won for Florida (Tampa, Gainesville, Tallahassee) - 2014
  • Weakening bathroom bill in N. Carolina in 2016
  • Saved the cosmetology school of community college in Salt Lake City
  • Defeated tuition hikes in 2011 or 2012 in Gainesville, FL
  • Defeated legislation to remove tuition cap in 2011 or 2012 in FL
  • Got charges on Kofi Adu-Brempong dropped and police advisory board formed in Gainesville, FL
  • Got Aramark to sign penny-for-pound contract with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers in Gainesville, FL
  • CIA Director speaking event successfully disrupted & cancelled because of UPenn SDS
  • Stone Mountain white supremacist concert and rally cancelled because of leftist protesters and National SDS
  • Trump speaking event cancelled because of SAGA and other organizers in Chicago
  • UPenn adding gender neutral bathroom in Philadelphia, PA 2016
  • West Chester University administration issued official apology for selling sexist women blow-up dolls in PA
  • FSU won the formation of an anti-rape consent course in Tallahassee, FL, in 2013
  • Students successfully save 24-hour aspect of USF library in Tampa, FL
  • Defeated block tuition in Gainesville, FL - 2011
  • Pace SDS in New York City secured the resignation of their University President after they revealed that his salary was over half a million dollars a year while he was cutting financial aid and limiting free speech on campus
  • Harvard students (SDS affiliates) in Cambridge, MA played a key role in the struggle for better benefits and higher wages for their campus dining workers after a long campaign with students joining workers on the picket lines
  • Tacoma and Olympia SDS in WA formed street blockades at local ports to prevent military equipment from being loaded onto boats and brought to Iraq
  • West Chester SDS organized walk outs to help win a major strike victory for faculty workers at West Chester University of Pennsylvania
  • UC Davis SDS successfully got Milo Yannopoulos’ speaking event canceled through massive protests that even riot cops could not stop
  • University of Texas Arlington administration stated that due to protests, they are writing a draft for a sanctuary campus policy. UT of Arlington is watching to make sure it gets done.
  • Tallahassee SDS successfully got FSU to remove the Francis Eppes statue on their campus, a hateful legacy to a slaveowner in 1800s Tallahassee, as well as rename the building named after him.

When we dare to struggle, we dare to win!

If current chapters have any campaign victories they would like to add please let us know.