Our Campaigns

Why do we use campaigns to build struggle instead of attempting to work with university administrations?

Their material interests are different from ours as students due to our structural position within the University system.  Administration are like the 1% of the University: they profit from tuition hikes, worker salary cuts,  statewide bans on affirmative action for African-American and Latino students, military contracts, and investments in the US-Israeli occupation of Palestine. We don’t benefit from any of that as students, in fact, those things are all against our interests. Those issues are the target or demands of our campaigns which we build struggle against.

Currently, SDS chapters take part in all sorts of campaigns, including our national "Education for All" campaign. Under this slogan, chapters focus on one of three main demands:  free tuition for public colleges, increased enrollment and retention of African American and Latino students, or equal access to education for undocumented students.

Our chapter building kit is full of resources for new chapters, including an “About SDS” pamphlet (under the Graphics section) which briefly summarizes how and why we lead campaigns to win change.  

You can also contact National SDS via email (students4democraticsociety@gmail.com) or messaging our
Facebook page for more information.