Our Campaigns

As a National Organization, SDS sees national campaigns as important and necessary ways to harness our power as a growing student movement. Through nationally coordinated actions, we are able to focus on targets, unite our message, stand with other chapters across the country, and continue to build and move forward.

Currently, SDS has one campaign that is united with at a nation-wide level: the Campaign for Education Rights. This campaign is about fighting for student control of schools, reducing student debt, and improving the quality of education on our campuses. We see the degradation of the University as a nationwide symptom of the eventual demise of public education. We, as SDS, believe that education is a societal right, not an economic privilege and we demand and fight for a University that is available to all. Further, Instead of merely building skills to become profit producing members of society, we believe our schools should be spaces that harness critical thought and offer participatory ways in creating a better society and a better future. SDS unites with workers and faculty on our campuses, because we see our struggles aligned, not pitted against one another. While our tuition goes up, many workers are being laid off. When our class sizes increase, faculty and graduate assistants simply have more work to do for less money. We see our futures tied up with the realities of the workers and faculty on our campuses.

We continue to move on this campaign via national actions and are continuing to see the student movement grow. November 10th, 2009 students across the nation participated in protests and pickets in defense of education. March 4th, 2010 swelled with over 100 campuses stepping into the streets, and on October 7th, only a month into the semester for most campuses, over 40 campuses protested. Join us for an exciting 2010-2011 year!