Proposal to Give Lynne Stewart an Honorary Membership

This proposal will be submitted for approval at the upcoming SDS National Convention in Clarksville, TN on the weekend of October 11-13.

Sara Flounders to Speak at SDS Convention

                                                    Sara Flounders

Rosenberg Fund for Children Signs on as Convention Sponsor

The Rosenberg Fund for Children (, a public foundation that helps both children in the U.S. whose parents are targeted, progressive activists, as well youth who are targeted because of their own activism, has signed on to help sponsor the 2013 SDS National Convention.

Rebel Diaz to Perform at SDS National Convention

                                Rebel Diaz

URGENT! Tell Congress: Vote NO to War on Syria!

SDS is calling on students and progressives everywhere to call their U.S. Representatives and Senators to VOTE NO to war on Syria! When Congress returns to DC next week, on September 9, their votes will determine whether and how a war on Syria may begin. The U.S. military machine brings nothing but terror, death, and destruction everywhere it goes. We have seen the horrific results of the U.S. invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, the U.S. bombing of Libya, U.S. drone attacks in Yemen, Pakistan and elsewhere.

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