*SDS National Constitutional Convention Final Bulletin

The final bulletin of the 2007 SDS National Convention is complete! This bulletin contains the full and final texts of all proposals passed at the convention, including those vision and structure proposals subject to ratification. It also contains an update on the ratification committee's progress, minutes from the convention, and tips on chapter building and student organizing.

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Detroit SDS - No War! No Warming!

Detroit SDSLocal SDSers turned out in force with other youth and students from the Detroit area and across the country to demonstrate for an end to America’s addiction to oil, that drives global climate change and virtually endless resource wars.The action took place in Center Line, MI at the largest Toyota dealership in Michigan, owned by Penske auto. The action took place on a nationwide day of action called Freedom From Oil campaign, which is putting pressure on automakers to meet higher fuel efficiency standards.

About ten participants turned out for a high energy Oil Enforcement Agency raid, to ticket SUVs for fueling the country’s addiction to oil, and to pressure the dealership owners to put pressure on automakers to adopt a more efficient fleet. Two participants were arrested for trespassing and disturbing the peace after dropping a 15-foot banner from the roof of the dealership, branding Toyota as driving war and warming.

Some have asked why the action targeted Toyota instead of American automakers with less efficient fleets. Action organizers explain that Toyota is “greenwashing” their brand by claiming to have environmentally sustainable practices through hyping up their hybrid technology while expanding just as fast in the SUV market.

Keep watching the blog for a personal report back from one of the arrested. In the meantime, check out awesome pictures of the action from SDSer Carmen Mendoza-King on Flickr!

The First Issue of the SDS News Bulletin is OUT

SDS Bulletin

*October Rebellion in D.C.

No War! No Warming!

Washington, DC is going to be a busy place for mobilizations in the
Fall! To focus our activities, DC-SDS is calling for SDS chapters and
members to join us in supporting the mobilizations of the October
Rebellion and No War No Warming.

*SDS Action Camps

!SDS Action Camps!

The Action Camps are scheduled for August 13-16th, in Lancaster Pennsylvania.

Learn more about the Action Camps here:

The SDS Action Camps applications are now live:

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