*SDS Action Camps

!SDS Action Camps!

The Action Camps are scheduled for August 13-16th, in Lancaster Pennsylvania.

Learn more about the Action Camps here:

The SDS Action Camps applications are now live:

Open Letter to SDS about the June 10th March in DC

Regarding DC SDS's call for a feeder march at the June 10th protest against the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip:

Any actions SDS takes on June 10th should be IN SOLIDARITY with Palestinian Americans, Arab Americans and their co-sponsoring organizations since they are affected most directly by the consequences of the demonstration.

*SDS National Constitutional Convention

The second SDS National Convention will take place July 27-31 at Wayne State University in Detroit.

For more information you can visit the National Convention entry on the SDS wiki here: http://newsds.org/wiki/index.php?title=National_Convention

*Use the SDSwiki Project!

The SDSwiki Project is a new project within Students for a Democratic Society, open to SDS members, that is designed as a place where SDSers can share information, work on collective documents, write our own history, share lessons learned in grassroots movement work, and upload pictures, audio, and video.

You can visit the site by clicking: HERE!

Barricade and Occupation of Chevron’s International HQ in Bay Area

Report back from Josh Russell

The sun hadn't risen yet. After circling once under the cover of darkness, our van and truck pulled up to Chevron's world headquarters. Our affinity group (Bay Rising Affinity Group aka BRAG!), burst out of the van and deployed our barrels, lock boxes, and bodies. The cops were waiting for us, but for some reason when we hopped out of the van, they ran the opposite direction. Welocked our arms into place.

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