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Students for a Democratic Society: Solidarity with Rasmea Odeh! Drop the charges, NOW!

Students for a Democratic Society opposes the indictment of Rasmea Odeh. We recognize this attack as part of the US government’s attempts to silence and repress antiwar activists as well as the Arab community.

Stand with Maddy Pfeiffer! – A Statement of Solidarity from Students for a Democratic Society

Just a few days ago on October 25th, an Olympia activist named Maddy Pfeiffer received a subpoena to appear before the special federal grand jury impaneled currently in Seattle. Maddy, who goes by they/them pronouns, is an Evergreen student, a brilliant and skilled organizer, and a good friend to many of us. They are also a former coordinator of Students for a Democratic Society here at Evergreen. —- Maddy has been called to appear at the grand jury chamber in Seattle at 9:00am on November 7th–a date that is rapidly approaching.

Hands Off Carlos Montes!

SDS is posting the below information on behalf of the Committee to Stop FBI Repression - please sign the petition and circulate the video below. DROP THE CHARGES AGAINST CARLOS MONTES NOW!

Judge Refuses To Dismiss Charges Against Carlos Montes Outrageous Court Decision – Prepare for Court Feb. 8

Carlos next court hearing is Wednesday, February 8, 2012. Carlos Montes has declared himself “not guilty” on 6 felony charges, dealing with an alleged 42-year old arrest and firearms code violations.Montes’ arrest is part of the FBI attack on 23 other antiwar and solidarity activists.

Students for a Democratic Society: Solidarity with Carlos Montes!

The Students for a Democratic Society's National Working Committee strongly condemns the recent attacks on Chicano activist Carlos Montes. We demand an end to the ongoing harassment of anti-war and international solidarity activists within our communities.

Carlos is a long time Chicano and immigrant rights activist, he has been a leader in advocating for a better educational system for marginalized people in the state of California, and has staunchly committed his life and activism to anti-imperialism and international solidarity.

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