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Please give to SDS!

Since re-forming in January 2006, SDS has become the country's fastest-growing student led organization, with active chapters on campuses and in communities around the country. In that time, chapters have had some incredible victories! Pace SDS in New York City secured the resignation of their University President after they revealed that his salary was over half a million dollars a year while he was cutting financial aid and limiting free speech on campus. Harvard SDS in Cambridge, MA won higher wages for their school security guards after a long campaign ending in a 9 day hunger strike. Out west, Tacoma and Olympia SDS in WA formed street blockades at local ports to prevent military equipment from being loaded onto boats and brought to Iraq.

We have made incredible gains over the past few years for SDS, and we plan to keep up the momentum to be even better. To ensure that we reach our goals, we need donations from supporters like you!

SDS is engaging young people to create change in their schools and communities. Each year we expect to greatly expand our membership base and build coalitions to win more victories!

To help SDS build the skills of youth to empower them to create their own change, please give a financial donation to SDS today.