October 01, 2018


This year's convention is going to be in Salt Lake City. The theme is "Struggle, Solidarity, Strike!"


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New Students for a Democratic Society is having its 13th annual national convention this October 20th and 21st in Salt Lake City, Utah! After a year of fierce attacks from the Trump administration and even fiercer social movements, we are gathering to discuss bigger and better ways to organize!

We are going to hear from SDSers and community organizers about:

A. Strike Fever! Labor and Student Solidarity, featuring a public school teachers who went on strike in 2017 from the New Jersey Education Association, a rank-and-file trade unionist from the Teamsters Local 222, and a rank-and-file member of AFSCME in the wake of AFSCME vs. Janus.

B. Opposing Police Crimes, Deportations, and War by the Brown Berets in Salt Lake City, the Jacksonville Community Action Committee, and speakers against war and occupation in Palestine.

C. Organizing 101, by new chapters at the U of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and U of North Florida, veteran chapters at the U of Utah and U of Minneapolis, about organizing in a big city, a small town, places with many forces, or places with no other progressive forces.

Q: What will you all be discussing at the New SDS National Convention?

A: On our campuses, students fight against the repeal of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and continuous racist hate crimes and campus discrimination. Students have fought and won protections against discriminatory policies, took down items commemorating slaveowners such as the Francis Eppes statue at the Florida State University, and persist in the fight for protective policies for undocumented and immigrant students on our campuses.

In our workplaces over the last few years, workers authorized strike votes, went on strike, or even are defying municipal orders to return to work. They struggle for fair pay, healthcare and benefits, and better working conditions, from teachers in Chicago, to West Virginia, to Oklahoma, to Arizona, to New Jersey, Washington state, and hopefully soon Los Angeles, to dining workers on campus at Harvard and Northwestern, to hotel workers in Chicago.

In our communities within the United States, African-American people endure police brutality and crimes against the people in untold numbers. Meanwhile, deportations and detentions lead to the breaking up of immigrant families, especially from Central American. From Chicago to Florida to Salt Lake City, people fight for police accountability councils so that the victims' families and communities can see real justice done instead of paid leave for officers, with backpay. People fight for for civil projects to improve immigrant communities and end the county's tradition of impoverishment and neglect.

In oppressed countries overseas, the US government and Trump administration continue to funnel weapons and fund the wars and occupations in Yemen, Palestine, the Philippines, and Colombia. The US government prepares for militarization in Latin America, particularly against the government of Venezuela. From the striking workers of NutriAsia to the workers, students, peasants, and indigenous people of Venezuela, people fight against the realities of Western domination, the threat of American occupation, and a future of US-funded poverty.

Our theme is Struggle, Solidarity, and Strike! We will be hearing from students who organize against racism and exploitation on their campuses, as they discuss the nuts and bolts of organizing. We will be hearing from different social movements about how students can aid and express solidarity for the fight against police crimes, border patrol, and US occupation. Finally, we will be featuring the workers' strikes of the last few years, as we commend them in their fight for dignity and discuss the bright, vibrant future of the working class.

Q: Why should I donate to the New SDS National Convention?

A: SDS is a grassroots organization made up of students. We organize without any funding or parent organizations, and we do not mandate dues from our members. We understand that people have bills to pay and that, as organizers, we can always raise the money we need. That said, we would like financial assistance so that the money for food, housing, and stipends don't have to come from our own wages.

Q: Can I attend or even present a workshop at the New SDS National Convention?

A: Yes! Everyone and anyone is welcome to the convention. Organizations are also invited to present workshops and to table. All you have to do is sign a form to register:

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