July 29, 2018

SDS Condemns the Anti-Choice SCOTUS Ruling on California Law (National Institute of Family and Life Advocates vs. Becerra Attorney General of California)

On June 26, 2018, the US Supreme Court ruled against a California law that would have restricted anti-abortion "crisis pregnancy centers" that notoriously discourage pregnant people, especially women, from getting abortions under the guise of “counseling.” This law would have ensured that these centers inform people about clinics that could provide free or affordable, safe abortions. Instead, the SCOTUS ruled that the centers did not have to provide this life-saving information, as it “violated the First Amendment rights” of the “crisis centers.” SDS views this as the SCOTUS permitting attacks on women and other non-men’s reproductive rights and their ability to control their bodies.

This occurs on the heels of the Trump’s administration plans to cut federal funding from the Planned Parenthood program and to rewrite the guidelines of Title V. Most recently, federal judges have ruled in favor of Trump’s rewrite. This rewrites includes that organizations that seek this funding need to emphasize abstinence and faith-based reasoning that reduces sexual freedom, rather than education about safe sex practices and resources to prevent disease and pregnancy.

This is yet another attack on women and non-men by misogynists in office, who want to keep women subservient to men in the social, economic, and political world. If the anti-abortion proponents who support this ruling get their way, then we may see a repeal of Roe vs. Wade sooner rather than later.

This happens in a time when more people across the US are rallying for women’s issues and LGBTQ issues than ever in the last decade. For instance, slogans like #MeToo have emerged out of high-profile social movements to take down powerful rapists, predators, and misogynists. SDS supports this fight against hatred of women and people’s right to an abortion if they so choose. SDS supports continued funding for Planned Parenthood. We will organize against the misogyny of the Trump administration, the latest Supreme Court ruling, and any of their sympathizers.

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