September 21, 2017

SDS Denounces Imperialist Sanctions!

Within the past several months, the United States has imposed an influx of fresh economic sanctions on four different countries in a fruitless attempt to shift the global economy in favor of the imperialist West. These sanctions came in two waves; the first aimed at Venezuela in response to the recent democratic election known as the ANC (National Constituent Assembly.) The second, referred to by US officials as the “Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act” targets Russia, Iran, and North Korea.

Though each of these sanctions differ quite vastly in their specifications, the nature of their purpose can be generalized to some degree. With this legislature, the United States is doing all it can to hinder the economic and political influence of its major opposition. All four of these nations have a significant foothold in the global economy; Furthermore, each of these nations have made it clear through either government or military action that they are willing to combat western influence, albeit military, economic, or political.

The National Constituent Assembly of Venezuela was held to elect (via direct vote) an entirely new congress consisting of carefully defined sects of society, each with a pre-selected number of representatives proportional to that group’s presence within the Venezuelan population. Proposed by Venezuelan President Maduro, the initial goal of these fresh representatives is to re-draft the Venezuelan constitution to meet the needs of shifting global politics as well as to face the ever adapting foe that is Western imperialism. The United States, which has recently been centering much of its foreign political action and corruption around Latin America, has seen this desire to reconstruct as a direct threat to its economic interests.

Russia, Iran, and the DPRK each play a crucial role in the survival of many anti-imperialist nations. Each of these countries possess nuclear capabilities and have clearly demonstrated their oppositional mentality towards western influence, thus they hold a very significant presence within the global economy and military apparatus. Evidently, the United States wishes to demean this presence, with these new-founded sanctions meant to serve this purpose. Though these sanctions may seem like a far cry from violent conflict, they directly affect the economic and military functionality of the receiving nations. The newly appointed Russian UN representative, Vassily Nebenzia, whilst responding to the sanctions, highlighted the damaging nature of these international crimes, stating that “a fully-fledged trade war" has been declared on Russia.

SDS considers these sanctions unacceptable. We denounce the poor decisions made by our state representatives in an attempt to perpetuate and uphold the global imperialist system in which the US has played such a significant role. The US does not support Democracy, as has been made apparent through its actions against Venezuela. The Western state acts only out of economic and military interest, and is in-humanitarian in nature.