November 24, 2015

SDS Stands Against White Supremacist Violence

Students for a Democratic Society condemns the actions of white supremacists in their shooting of 5 protesters at a Justice for Jamar Clark rally in Minneapolis at 10:45 pm on November 23rd. White supremacists approached the rally, as they have done for several nights in a row, and began shouting racial slurs. Protesters began to marshal the fascists away from the protest for being disruptive when they open fire. They shot 5 people, 3 of which were taken to the hospital.

We also condemn the police officers for their complacency with regards to the shooting. Reportedly, protesters asked a cop for help after the shooting who replied "That's what you wanted," and walked back into the police department the protest was occurring at. Immediately after the attacks broke out, protesters called 911. It took 15 minutes for police and ambulances to show up. Upon arriving, police maced protesters and constrained attendees giving medical attention to those who had been shot.

Protesters have been protesting for over a week now against the police murder of Jamar Clark. Clark was shot in the head by Minneapolis police while handcuffed on Sunday November 15th. He was taken to a hospital and declared dead the next day. Neither of the involved police officers have been charged, and both have been upheld by the Minneapolis Police Department as model officers. For more information, please read our statement declaring support and solidarity with the protests.

Black Lives Matter Minneapolis issued a call to action for student walk-outs on Tuesday November 24th, at 2 pm. Students for a Democratic Society unites with this, and calls on chapters across the nation to hold vigils and protests in solidarity with Minneapolis in the coming week.

Justice for Jamar Clark!
Prosecute the Police!
Black Lives Matter!