October 16, 2015

SDS Stands in Solidarity with Divya Nair

Students for a Democratic Society stands with Divya Nair, an adjunct professor at the Community College of Philadelphia (C.C.P). Divya Nair has been suspended without pay by the administration after she participated in protests against the militarization of C.C.P. and predatory police recruitment on campus of working class youth of color, especially those who are black and brown.

The suspension of Divya Nair by the administration of C.C.P. is an obvious attack against academic freedom. Not only is Nair negatively affected by this decision, but the students and community are as well.The suspension of Divya Nair serves to silence all teachers who dissent with the administration.

Students for a Democratic Society fights for academic freedom and we stand in solidarity with Divya Nair and all victims of  political repression