October 16, 2015

SDS NWC Statement in Support of the Iran Nuclear Deal

We as SDS believe that the Iran Deal is a historic opportunity to support peace and avert more violent wars of aggression. War profiteers are constantly threatening to attack Iran over their right to develop nuclear energy, but we support this deal based on diplomacy. 

 Terrorism is the U.S. govt sanctioning Iran as a form of collective punishment against civilians. Sanctions have strangled Iran’s economy, resulting in massive inflation and 40% of the entire population in poverty. Unemployment is as high as 20%, and basic necessities such as food are unaffordable for working class Iranians. Supporting the Iran Deal means an end to the nearly 40 years of these crippling sanctions against Iran.

 Opposition to the Iran Deal in the U.S. has been led by lobby groups for Israel, which spend millions of dollars trying to block it while inflaming fears of Iran’s nuclear program, despite the fact that Israel has developed and maintained nuclear weapons without adhering to international treaties. We have also already seen a push for an increase in U.S. military aid to Israel as so-called “compensation” for passage of the Iran Deal. However, we should not trade one war for another war.

University administrations are actively encouraging students to support more wars in not just the Middle East, but Latin America, Asia and Africa. Not only do we support peace by supporting the Iran Deal, but we think it’s important that students know why people should support the deal. In the long term administrators who support ROTC are actually complicit in U.S. wars and occupations around the globe. We need to build the struggle against the military on our campuses and oppose U.S. interventions everywhere!