May 07, 2015

Progressive Students of Milwaukee Occupy UWM Chancellor's Office to Oppose Budget Cut!

As Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's egregious $300 million budget cut to the University of Wisconsin (UW) system is debated in the state legislature, members of Progressive Students of Milwaukee, Youth Empowered in the Struggle and the UW Milwaukee Resists Cuts Coalition are staging a sit-in at UW-Milwaukee Chancellor Mark Mone's office after numerous attempts to try to meet with him.

The students are demanding that the chancellor meet with them and concede to their demands that he publicly and unequivocally oppose the proposed budget as harmful, unnecessary and political in nature, as well as cut administrative positions and salaries before cutting academics and student services and before laying off faculty and staff. The students refuse to leave until their voices are heard!

Call Chancellor Mone's office and demand that he meet with UWM students and oppose the cuts!