April 09, 2015

Students for a Democratic Society Stand in Solidarity with Venezuela

Students for a Democratic Society and its affiliates stand in solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution and the Venezuelan government, and we oppose all forms of intervention by the United States. We are joining forces with other antiwar organizations in the United States, in response to President Maduro’s call for international solidarity. On April 19th, we’ll be participating in the Global Day of Action in Solidarity with Venezuela.


On March 9th, President Obama released an Executive Order, calling Venezuela an “unusual and extraordinary threat to national security.” This is the latest phase of US warmongering against the Venezuelan government:

1. Multiple coup attempts against Chavez and Maduro, including coup attempts in 2002 and 2014. Most recently, another coup attempt surfaced earlier this year in exchange for visas to the US and the UK.

2. A year-round effort by the US to prop up anti-government protests. According to Telesur, “USAID set up an Office for Transition Initiatives (OTI) in Caracas … to oversee Venezuela operations and distribute millions of dollars to anti-government groups.”

3. Non-stop propaganda, demonizing legitimate elections and omitting their. Congress passed the “Venezuela Defense of Human Rights and Civil Society Act”, which called for “a strategy for expanding [the efforts to broadcast and distribute anti-government information] in Venezuela.”

4.Sanctions against democratically elected pro-government forces.


Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Nicaragua openly condemn Western capital and neoliberal policies.  The Chavez and Maduro administrations in particular have worked to eradicate the poverty and illiteracy caused by US imperialism:

1. Universal, tuition-free education.

2. Efforts to end illiteracy. “It is estimated that over 70% of the new students entering Venezuela's university system come from families living below the poverty line.”

3. Efforts to end poverty.  “In 1998, 21 percent of homes were registered as experiencing extreme poverty and earlier that decade as economic crisis.” By 2014, the number had dropped massively to 5.5%.


The U.S. government has backed interventions and coup attempts in both Latin America and around the world for over a century. Some Latin American examples include:

● (1954) Jocobo Arbenz of Guatemala

● (1964) Joao Goulart of Brazil

● (1973) Salvador Allende of Chile

● (2009) Jose Manuel Zelaya of Honduras

The goal of these interventions is not the spread of democracy, as the US government claims. It
is to open the country to US capital, to the privatization of necessities like water, education, and oil. U.S. corporations also exploit these people for cheap labor, land, natural resources.

SDS stands for the sovereignty and self-determination of Latin America. We proudly support the Bolivarian Revolution’s efforts to free Latin America from U.S. hegemony -- economic, cultural, and political.