April 28, 2015

SDS Stands Against State Mandated Murder of Mumia Abu Jamal

Students for a Democratic Society and its affiliates stand in solidarity with political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal, who is the victim of attempted execution through medical neglect and malpractice. An acclaimed activist, author, and revolutionary journalist; Mumia went into diabetic shock on March 30, with no past history of diabetes. Hospitalized for two days, Mumia was then transferred back to the prison that failed to diagnose his illness. With a dangerously inadequate diet and health that deteriorates each day, Mumia’s well-being is being deliberately sabotaged. As the state’s two past execution attempts were foiled by international pressure, SDS recognizes this medical mistreatment as another attempt on Mumia’s life.

 This timing is not accidental. The attempt to silence Mumia comes during waves of racial unrest across the United States. Mumia Abu Jamal is an uncompromising advocate of racial and social justice who continues to inspire activists to fight back against oppression. The United States’ system of white supremacy cannot allow revolutionary figures like Mumia to voice their dissent to the constant reign of terror inflicted upon the black community.

Mumia’s prison doctors claim to be unable to identify the cause of his illness, which leaves his skin blackened and swollen and causes him severe pain. Despite their failure the prison doctors refuse to allow outside medical professionals or diabetes specialists to attend to Mumia Abu Jamal. Each day Mumia is refused proper medical attention brings him closer to death. SDS holds the Pennsylvania State Correctional system complicit in this attempted murder of Mumia Abu Jamal.

Mumia Abu Jamal is one of many political prisoners, like Chicago activist Rasmea Odeh, currently facing repression from the United States' government. It's important that we stand in solidarity with our friends in the struggle. The United States must stop its brutal repression tactics, and free all political prisoners!

We demand an end to this medical murder. SDS stands with the family of Mumia and his supporters around the world as we call for his release in order to receive proper medical care.
In Mumia’s words from prison, “We shall prevail!”