March 29, 2015

SDS Statement on the 12th Anniversary of the Invasion of Iraq

March 20th marks the 12th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq by the
United States. This invasion was kicked off with the “Shock and Awe”
bombings of Baghdad in which over 6,000 civilians were killed. This
act of aggression was the beginning of a long occupation of the
country by US troops that would eventually result in over half a
million Iraqis being killed. Beyond the deaths there was incalculable
damage to Iraqi infrastructure, as well as a mental scar that will
mark the psyche of Iraqis and the surrounding region for generations
to come.

This war and occupation was sold to the United States public as a
mission to free the Iraqi people, and to protect our national
security. In time, the U.S Government's concerns and promises for the
region disintegrated to reveal the true intentions and character of
the U.S invasion: to expand and preserve the imperialistic interests
of US banks and corporations in the region.

It is essential that we remember the reason behind this invasion, and
oppose all future U.S aggression of any kind. This is why the SDS held
rallies and protests in numerous cities, and participated in many more
to commemorate the human tragedy of the occupation, and to oppose all
future US interventions and wars.

In the past, Students for a Democratic Society has made it a
cornerstone of our organization to mobilize and fight against war,
occupation and intervention by the U.S government, and to uphold the
sovereignty of foreign nations. Most notoriously, the 60s SDS's
opposition to the U.S war in Vietnam brought schools all over the
country to a standstill. More recently, the current incarnation of SDS
fought tooth and nail to oppose the United States invasion and
occupation of Iraq. Less than a month ago, SDS chapters and SDS
affiliates mobilized to protest any further intervention in Iraq.
There are also protests being planned against any possible
intervention in Syria, Iran, Venezuela, and Ukraine.

As a progressive anti­war organization it is vital that we uphold the
self-determination of foreign nations against the aggression of the
rich and the powerful of the United States. Furthermore, it is important
we mobilize on the ground and have a presence in the streets to make
it very clear, that the U.S public will not tolerate another war. We need
to organize and fight to ensure that there are no more Vietnams, Libyas,
or Iraqs. With the threat of war looming over Syria, Iran, Ukraine,
Venuezuela, and many others, we need to be in our communities
organizing the fight against U.S imperialism.