February 08, 2015

Progressive Students of Milwaukee Protest University of Wisconsin Budget Cuts

On February 4th, over 200 students, faculty, and workers at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee marched in response to proposed budget cuts to the University of Wisconsin system. Proposed by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, the cuts would total over $300 million and would cause the closure of departments, reduce the number of courses available, and force layoffs for workers in the system. The cuts would also put the UW system under control of a governor elected board of regents, rather than the state legislature.

The protest, organized by Students for a Democratic Society affiliate Progressive Students of Milwaukee, occurred in the Student Union. After hearing speeches given by students and professors, the students formed a picket line in the lobby while others had a banner drop from the third floor. The banner read "They say cut back, we say fight back!". The PSM affirmed their belief that education is a right, and the need to defend higher education.

Progressive Students of Milwaukee vowed to continue protests against Governor Walker's proposed austerity measures.