February 21, 2015

Progressive Students of Milwaukee Hold Second Protest Against Budget Cuts

On February 11th, Progressive Students of Milwaukee held a second protest against proposed budget cuts to the University of Wisconsin system. Over 100 students and faculty members gathered at Spaights Plaza. After a series of fiery speeches from students and campus labor leaders, students marched through the Lubar School of Business, and into the Student Union, where a student involvement fair was taking place. The rally picked up several students from the fair, and returned to Spaights Plaza.

Governor Scott Walker proposes to not only cut upwards of $300 million, but also restructure the University of Wisconsin system into a "public authority". This will allow the governor to choose his own administrators for public universities in Wisconsin. Governor Walker argues that this will allow him to raise tuition and cut professors, making up for the large budget cuts.

Progressive Students of Milwaukee will continue to build the student movement against Walker, demanding accessible and affordable education. Progressive Students of Milwaukee is an affiliate of Students for a Democratic Society.