September 19, 2014

Students for a Democratic Society Calls for Action Against the Wars on October 7th

The United States launched an invasion of Afghanistan on October 7, 2001 which continues to this day. This evasion began the US’ War on Terror that the US government used to justify removing civil liberties, invading additional countries, and torturing people.

President George W. Bush stated the war aimed to dismantle Al-Qaeda by removing the Taliban from power. However, President Ronald Reagan funded and armed the Taliban in an effort to overthrow the government of Afghanistan. Even a basic understanding of history shows that United States hopes to control the region.

These wars have have tragic consequences. The US government remains responsible for at least 21,000 Afghan, nearly a million Iraqi, and countless others in countless countries killed. As American schools and universities suffer from tuition hikes and program cuts, the US wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have cost between $4-$6 trillion. Students for a Democratic Society calls upon SDS chapters, affiliates, and allies to hold actions on their campuses and in their communities on Tuesday October 7. We must go out and say "No to the wars." We demand money for jobs and education, not for wars and occupation!