June 06, 2014

Support the 2014 SDS Nat'l Convention! Donate to SDS!

Since 2006, Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) has grown to be the largest student-led anti-war, education rights, and international solidarity organization active in the US today. SDS has launched campaigns and won major victories fighting for tuition equity for undocumented students, fighting back against white supremacy and police brutality, fighting for justice in Palestine, opposing US military intervention, and chapters have worked on their local campuses on many other issues all across the country.
Now we need your help. On October 10th - 12th in Minneapolis, MN, SDS will host our 9th annual national convention at the University of Minnesota. Our annual national convention provides a platform to debate ideas in the public forum, hold workshops to learn from students who engage in struggles around the country, grow the student and youth movement by attracting new activists and organizers, and ultimately forge ahead towards a future free of war and oppression with a respect for human rights and dignity.
However, with the rising costs of education that leads many students permanently into debt, many of the students who are struggling just to stay in college won't be able to attend the convention and fight for change without your donation. Your contribution will help provide a formative experience in a young person's life that will have a lasting effect on their social and political consciousness.
Please donate directly to the hosting SDS chapter. If you would prefer to mail a check, please make the check payable to: Students for a Democratic Society and mail your donation to: 
UMN SDS | 1930 Elliot Ave S #3 | Mpls, MN 55404
This contribution will help cover food, housing, and travel expenses for our SDSers at chapters nationwide. This will help us continue our mission to struggle to:
  • Defend education as a right for everyone!
  • End the wars. US out of Afghanistan, the Middle East, and everywhere.
  • End police brutality and the attacks on oppressed nationalities
  • Legalization for all immigrants.
  • End homophobia and discrimination.
  • End the attacks on civil liberties and stop NSA surveillance of our emails, phone calls, and communications.
  • Stop political repression of Muslims and Arab-Americans, anti-war activists, radicals, or those who don’t agree with the system.
  • Free all political prisoners including Chelsea Manning, the Holy Land Five, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Leonard Peltier, and anyone else being held for their political beliefs.
Thank you in advance for your contribution. We hope we see you at the convention and on the streets!