June 25, 2014

SDS Says NO! to another war in Iraq

Washington war hawks are beating the drums of war with their sights set again on Iraq. Troops have already been deployed in order to 'protect the embassy' and the likes of Sen. John McCain and Sen. Linsey Graham are calling for military action in the wake of the ISIL advances across the western and northern cities and oil field of Iraq. Graham has claimed that, "there is no scenario where we can stop the bleeding in Iraq without American air power."

Students for a Democratic Society continues to stand in full opposition to any intervention or new war in Iraq.

When the United States illegally invaded Iraq in order to establish 'freedom and democracy' in the Middle East, it triggered a collapse of stability across Iraq and much of the region. American Imperialism has since lived in the delusion that it had somehow established 'democracy' through its expedition into Iraq. In reality it had only triggered an influx of violence across the region. Knowing no other language than the language of war, American politicians continue to believe they can 'bomb it back to peace' today.Whereas the current instability in Iraq is the result of the American led Imperialist expedition into Iraq, the resurgence of violence and rise of Islamic State in Iraq (ISIL) did not start last week. Since 2010 there have been no fewer than 4,110 deaths a year as violence has been exponentially increased across Iraq in the wake of the American invasion and occupation.

The current crisis also did not start start when ISIL took several major cities including Mosul, which caught American politicians and western media attention for the first time I years. In 2013 there were 9,571 deaths and bombings became increasingly common across the country. This year the death toll is already at 7,786 as of June and will likely soon surpass last years total. This spike I violence has not been only as the result of ISIL, but rather the increased instability under Iraqi 'democracy' which has grown increasingly corrupt, sectarian and repressive.

American imperialist policies have also directly fueled the rise of ISIL, as it has come largely out of the 'Syraq' region along the Iraqi and Syrian border. The weapons that arm ISIL come from the massive armament of Syrian 'rebels' by the United States in an attempt to destabilize Syria over the past year. The massive influx of weapons flowing to the region via American policy is a direct contributor to the present violence. It is out of America's own Imperialist interventions in both Iraq and Syria that the current crisis arises. While the U.S. Invaded Iraq alleging its association with 'terrorists' it has been arming and supporting terrorists in Syria. These imperialist projects have come to a head today in the northern and western regions of Iraq. Indeed the chickens have come home to roost in the American Imperialist projects in the Middle East.

While Sen. Graham believes American bombing can bring an end to the bloodshed, the senator neglects the facts that the bleeding began with the American invasion and would only continue at a much worse rate with any further American intervention.

Student for a Democratic Society is opposed to any US intervention in Iraq, opposed to US imperialism in the Middle East and demands, Hands OFF Iraq! We were reborn out of the opposition to the Iraq war and have opposed all US imperialism since. Bombing will never bring peace. No new war with Iraq!