March 28, 2014

U.S. Hands OFF Venezuela!

Venezuela has come under attack by violent protesters, right-wing politicians, and people operating on behalf of the United States government. These groups have used the democratic transition from Hugo Chavez to Nicolás Maduro to attempt to overthrow the legitimate government of Venezuela. Students for a Democratic Society stands against all attempts to overthrow the Venezuelan government and demands that the United States keep its hands off Venezuela.
Venezuela has faced civil unrest spurred by the United States since the election of the progressive president Hugo Chavez. The US has funded opposition groups, media attacks, and even the unsuccessful coup in 2002 that ended when the people of Venezuela returned Chavez to his proper place as the democratically elected government. The current unrest follows the same pattern of the rich elites working with those supported by the US to remove Maduro who just won election for president last year.
The Venezuelan government under the party of Chavez and Maduro has vastly improved the living conditions of the working people of Venezuela. They have used the vast oil reserves of Venezuela to fund social services for the people rather than helping the oligarchs in the United States and Venezuela get richer. Venezuela stands out among all the nations of the world by meeting its United Nations Millennium Goals. The UN created these goals to help track how governments improved the lives of their people. Venezuela has improved everything from fighting hunger and poverty, increasing access to education, promoting gender equality, reducing child mortality, improving healthcare for mothers, and fighting disease. These protesters seeks to roll back the gains made by the people of Venezuela.
The United States has openly and secretly funded the opposition groups in Venezuela. The democratic government of Venezuela stands for the people not the interest of US oil corporations. Most of the protesters come from the rich of Venezuela who wish to return to their place of power and privilege. SDS stands with the working people of Venezuela and the democratically elected government.
SDS stands with the people of Venezuela. Hands off Venezuela!