March 20, 2014

FL Gov. Rick Scott Comes Out in Favor of Tuition Equity

On March 12, 2014, Florida Gov. Rick Scott issued a statement saying he supports a proposal in the state legislature to allow qualified undocumented students to pay in-state tuition in Florida’s university system. SDS sums this up as a huge victory and large step forward in our Education for All campaign.
Rick Scott is a well-known Tea Partyer and wields hefty influence over the rest of the Tea Party in the state of Florida. For such a proud, right-wing conservative to be in favor of tuition equity is a testament to the strength of organizing that SDS, committed students, and the wider community have done on this campaign. Although the fight is by no means finished, Rick Scott’s support for the tuition equity bill is a huge green light for the measure to pass in both chambers of the state legislature.
Because of SDS and others' tireless work holding rallies and other events, pushing university administrations, contacting representatives, and constantly appearing in the media, the campaign for Education for All was able to reach this milestone. SDS and the wider community fighting for equality in Florida should be commended for the work they have done to reach this achievement. Education is a right, and national SDS will not stop until there really is education for all!