November 13, 2013

Students for a Democratic Society: Solidarity with the Students of CUNY/CCNY!

Students for a Democratic Society stands in solidarity with the students of the City College of New York (CCNY) who have faced severe repression from the CCNY administration in their fight against the militarization of their campus. This repression is just another example of the way the education system in the US is working in tandem with imperialism on the CCNY campus, and all public universities in the US, to militarize their student bodies and contribute to the torrent of mass slaughter and oppression that is perpetuated at home and abroad.
On September 9th, students of the CCNY, as well as the larger CUNY community, began protesting war criminal David Petraeus as he went to and from campus from his class that he began teaching. On September 17th, the students, while protesting David Patraeus, were assaulted by NYPD and CUNY security and 6 students were arrested. Because of the controversy of this move, the CCNY administration was forced to move Petraeuses class to a less accessible location. In retaliation, CCNY raided and closed the Morales/Shakur center on October 20th, seizing all of the items that were inside. The Morales/Shakur center was a room that had been won by progressive forces on the CUNY campus in previous struggles and was used primarily for activism on the campus. Two leaders of the Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee (RSCC) were also suspended from CCNY on October 28th. The two students had a court hearing on November 8th and will be having another court hearing on November 15th which will be open to the public.
SDS recognizes that the militarization of our campuses needs to stop and stands in solidarity with the students leaders of the RSCC, the CUNY 6, and all students of CUNY in their struggles against imperialism and repression on their campuses.
On Friday the Liber8 CUNY Front will be hosting an action in New York at the public hearing on the suspension of the student leaders of the RSCC. For more direction please visitRevolutionary Student Coordinating Committee