November 15, 2013

SDS to Host Workshop at the SOA; Students and Youth to Join in Fort Benning to Demand: Shut Down the SOA!

SDS is calling on students, youth, and progressives everywhere to join in Fort Benning, Georgia on the weekend of November 22-24 to demand that the School of Americas/Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation be shut down forever. The SOA/WHINSEC is a training facility for Latin American soldiers and dictators. It has been described as “the biggest base for destabilization in Latin America”. SOA/WHINSEC trains death squads and assassins who have turned against their own people and murdered, tortured, raped, and “disappeared” hundreds of thousands of students, union leaders, teachers, religious leaders, and others who stand on the side of the poor and oppressed. It is for these reasons that it is known around the world as the “School of Assassins”.
SDS will also be hosting a workshop on Friday, November 22nd at 9:30pm at the Columbus Trade and Convention Center, located at 801 Front Street, Columbus, GA 31901 (exact room still pending). Our workshop will focus on building the struggle for justice on campus and in the community. Emphasis will be placed on concrete ways that youth can fight back against oppression and what role young people can play in the movement. We are encouraging all students and youth to join us here to network and strategize!
Since 1946 SOA/WHINSEC has played a key role in overthrowing and attempts to overthrow foreign governments and establish US backed military dictatorships throughout South and Central America. In 2002 SOA/WHINSEC graduates attempted to overthrow Venezuela in a US backed coup. In Colombia, SOA graduates have murdered thousands of trade unionists at a rate of two a week. While the US spends billions to fund the School of Americas, make war, stage coups, and murder workers around the world; the FBI is attacking anti-war activists at home and students are facing cuts to education and massive student loan debt.
The School of Assassins is a barrier to peace and a tool of oppression. SDS stands with the people of the Americas fighting for self-determination and for peace and freedom in their lifetimes. Join us in Fort Benning to demand “Shut Down the SOA!”
More information about the School of Americas can be found at: