October 07, 2013

Tentative Agenda for 2013 SDS National Convention

This is not a complete schedule of all workshops that will be at the convention! Several workshops are not listed because we are waiting for final confirmation from presenters that they will be able to attend the convention. Please contact ClarksvilleSDS@gmail.com immediately if you plan on doing a workshop and do not see it listed here. This is not a final schedule and is subject to change.
-5-7pm Early registration outside of Einstein’s in the Morgan University Center (UC)
-7pm Introductions and welcome from organizers
-8pm Introductions from Kait McIntyre and Sara Flounders
-8am Registration in the Morgan University Center Ballroom
-9am Opening Plenary: Who we are, what we do, how we work.
-10am Workshop Section 1
• Campaigning for In-State Tuition for Undocumented Students
By Conor Munro
This interactive workshop will discuss how to build an effective campaign around the issue of in-state tuition for undocumented students. We'll share our experiences organizing around the issue and talk about how our strategies can be adapted to the conditions on your campus.
• Coalition to End Rape Culture: Combating Rape & Promoting Consent
By Catherine Lim and Jessica Schwartz
This is a workshop that synthesizes theory and practice when it comes to fighting rape culture. We will define rape culture & consent, and describe how sexual assault affects various groups of people and spans across issues. Along with a lesson about rape culture and consent, we will talk about our local Coalition to End Rape Culture campaign at the University of South Florida and how you can start a campaign with your local SDS chapter. This workshop contains potentially triggering material for anyone sensitive to discussions about rape and sexual assault.
• Why Working with Student Government is a Dead End
By Maggie Kilgo and Steph Taylor
Too often, promising activists are drawn in to the black hole that is the Student Government Association (SGA). In this workshop, we will explore the reasons that lead people to join student governments, as well as the possible ways SGAs can benefit our organizing. We will talk about our chapter's experience working with the student government in a campus-wide election and what we learned. Our workshop hopes to help people avoid the perils that some campaigns fall in to. Mostly, we want to work with other chapters to develop strategies to work with SGAs in a way that will benefit our campaigns.
• Relational Organizing
By Regina Joseph
The most fundamental skill to organizing is connecting with people one a personal level. This workshop focuses on relational organizing, which is the intent of connecting with people to gauge their self interest to plug into your mass work. Learn how to blend your story of self with the personal narrative masses!
-11am Plenary: Anti-War and Political Repression
-12pm Collective Breakouts: Building the Anti-War Movement and Fighting Political Repression
-1pm Lunch with reportbacks from SDS chapters around the country about ongoing work
-2pm Workshop Section 2
• From Nepal to Greece: Lessons in Revolutionary Organizing for the Deep South
By Liam Wright and Eric Ribellarsi
Two talks by Liam and Eric followed by an open discussion. The presenters are a part of a political project to develop a revolutionary strategy for the south of the United States. They will be drawing lessons for the workshops from two of the most rich radical movements in the world today.
• Organizing Against Drone Warfare and Weapons Manufacturers
By Kait McIntyre
Across the country there are drone manufacturers, drone bases, and facilities doing drone research (many of these facilities are college campuses). It is important to have student/youth voices speaking out since drones are a first step in a new direction of a more robotic military. In this workshop Kait will work with audience participants to create a sample petition against drones and also draw upon audience experience of different budget cuts/economic demands and how to tie that to antiwar/no drone demands.
• How to Combat Male Chauvinism in Your SDS Chapter
By Michela Martinazzi and Robbey Hayes
In this workshop, we will be explaining how to identify and eliminate instances of male chauvinism within one's SDS chapter. We will be using current examples, past experiences, and talk about positive approaches in speaking about and eliminating male chauvinism.
• Activist Mental Health
By Katherine Miller-Byrne
This workshop will cover theories of "madness" developed by Foucalt, the church and modern bio-psychiatry. Discussion will focus on anti-oppression and self-care in terms relating to mental health.
-3pm Plenary: Rebel Diaz Hip-Hop and Immigration
-4pm Workshop Section 3
• Beyond Student Organizing: Graduation and Continuing the Struggle
By Fernando Figueroa and Gregory Lucero
This workshop will discuss how to continue the struggle after graduation. How does one manage to get a job, pay the bills, and keep fighting the good fight? These two activists will share their experiences, successes, and failures along with a period for discussion.
• Iraq Veterans Against the War: Beyond War, Organizing GIs and Veterans
By Maggie Martin
This workshop will open with questions from the group about the interest and importance of including Vets and GIs in social movements. I'll share with the group some of the ongoing work of Iraq Veterans Against the War. We will discuss strategy and challenges to organizing Active Duty troops from IVAW's summer outreach drive in Fort Hood, TX. Finally we'll take a few moments to discuss potential for active duty outreach at Fort Campbell or other ideas for next steps or ongoing work.
• Fighting the Global Class War: Uniting the Movement to Stop Increasing Imperialist Wars and the Intensifying War at Home
By Tommy Cavanaugh, Scott Williams, and Sara Flounders
From Detroit to Damascus, people are under attack by the US. As the US/NATO troops mobilize for war against Syria, anti-war sentiment amongst the people in the USA is higher than ever. Meanwhile the deepening economic crisis in the US has shown no signs of ending. Our communities face further devastation by intensifying cutbacks, increased layoffs, and the growth of low-wage, part-time jobs, all to the benefit of the banks and the 1%.This workshop will be a discussion about imperialism, the system of the global dictatorship of the banks and corporations, and how the fight against imperialist war abroad needs to be connected with our day-to-day struggles and movements for survival for people in the USA.
-5pm Plenary Break Out: Education Rights and Organizing for the Future
-6pm Workshop Section 4
• Turning the Red States Red: Revolutionary Organizing in the American Heart Land
By Gregory Lucero
Twenty-Four states voted for Romney in the last election. Most of these states are historically right wing and conservative. The pose many challenges to making real social change. Join various members of the Revolutionary Students Union will discuss the difficulties in organizing, how people become radicalized, and how to build the revolutionary movement in the heart of conservative reactionaries.
• Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
By John Stachelski
My presentation will cover my recent trip to the DPRK, coupled with contextual information about the geography, political structure, history, and culture of the country. Using pictures from my trip, I will talk about how to visit, why people should visit, and discuss some of the highlights of my tour. The presentation will also cover some contemporary political issues, and what students can do to work against the embargo, and create international solidarity with the Korean people. The DPRK is one of the most misunderstood, misrepresented, and demonized countries on the planet, critical and thoughtful first-hand information is still difficult to come by. I hope to present a counter-narrative to the discourse around Korea, and explain why students have an obligation to oppose the United States' war drive against them.
• The Clothesline Project
By Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance
The Clothesline Project is a program that occurs worldwide and that the FMLA organizes on Austin Peay State University's campus every semester to raise awareness about the issue of violence against women. The project gives a space for women who have been affected by violence to express their emotions on a shirt that is displayed with hundreds of other shirts on campus during the event.
• Earth First and 30 Years of Resistance: The Radical Environmental Movement and Where We Stand Today
By Andrew Carter
This workshop will cover what and who Earth First is, the state of the radical environmental movement today, what we have to look forward to, and why direct action is the way to go for all radicals not just for enviros. Andrew has been a radical organizer for a little more then a decade. Working under the banner of Earth First for around 7 years, he most recently has been involved with the anti-tar sands/kxl fight in Texas and Oklahoma, and foreclosure defense in his community of Minneapolis, MN. In Minesota he is also working on the anti-mining struggle, and fighting white supremacy.
-7pm Dinner featuring a short video from the Rosenberg Fund for Children called "Carry it Forward: Celebrating the Children of Resistance"
-8pm Rebel Diaz performs in Clement Auditorium
-10am Reading and Passing Statements
-11am Reading and Passing Statements
-12pm Lunch
-1pm Final Goodbyes

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