October 07, 2013

Proposal to Give Lynne Stewart an Honorary Membership

This proposal will be submitted for approval at the upcoming SDS National Convention in Clarksville, TN on the weekend of October 11-13.
Lynne Stewart is a renowned human rights attorney who is currently being held political prisoner by the US government at the Federal Medical Center Carswell in Texas. Lynne has worked tirelessly in support of people’s movements and in defense of the oppressed in the US and internationally. Her commitment to movements for liberation both foreign and domestic is shown by a lifetime of struggle against imperialism, racism, and sexism. She has stood up for Muslims and Arab people in a time when the US government seeks to attack not only Muslims and Arabs but anyone who is willing to stand with them.
In 2002 her office was raided by federal agents and she was falsely charged with “conspiring to provide material support to terrorism” for doing nothing more than operating in her role as an attorney to defend her client. Lynne has Stage 4 breast cancer and has been given a prognosis of only months to live. Supporters of Lynne are calling for compassionate release which is a legal process that would allow Lynne to be with her family and die with dignity. On August 8, 2013 Lynne Stewart was denied compassionate release by Federal District Court Judge John Koeltl. Lynne has filed a second request for compassionate release.
Lynne Stewart’s life of selfless struggle, love for the people, and support for liberation movements is an inspiration and we take courage from her example. We propose to offer Lynne Stewart honorary membership in SDS.
If this proposal is approved by National SDS, we will send a letter to Lynne asking if she would like to accept an honorary membership in SDS.
For more information about the case and to sign the petition demanding compassionate release visit:www.lynnestewart.org