June 03, 2013

Students for a Democratic Society: Stop the Wars, Ground the Drones!

The United States government continues to expand the drone program both in actual use and through research and development. Drones fit in the same category of military technology as poison gas, nuclear weapons, and napalm. The US military does not research and use drones, like these other weapons, to obtain military objectives. Instead, they use these weapons to create terror in what they see as “enemy populations.” Drones terrorize local communities by raining death on children, families, and weddings. They create universal fear and dread because the US government could target anyone anywhere for a drone strike and many people end up as “collateral damage.”
This spring, the Navy is looking for designs for a new killer drone as part of the Pentagon's $259 billion spending plan that will triple drone purchases over ten years. U.S. drone strikes often occur in countries where the U.S. has not declared war. Information leaked or released about the drones shows an alarming amount of civilian casualties. Drones frequently kill women and children; over 165 children have been killed in Pakistan alone. It's also quite possible that the number of civilian casualties has risen above official estimates as U.S. views as military aged (17-27) males as enemy combatants, regardless of political or personal history.
However, Drone technology isn't restricted to countries overseas. The U.S. has begun using drones along the Mexican border to target undocumented immigrants.The U.S. government threatened to use drones against protestors at the NATO and RNC protests in 2012. In addition, many city and state governments have begun to develop their own drone programs for use against their own communities.
Students for a Democratic society opposes the United States' use of drones as war weapons and instruments of intimidation. We stand in solidarity with those around the world whose lives have been taken or devastated by drone warfare. We demand that the money spent on war be spent on people's needs, particularly education. Furthermore, we recognize universities often the give birth to innovations in science and technology. We demand that funding in these areas goes towards projects that improve life across the globe and not toward bankrolling murder from the sky. We demand U.S drones out of Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and everywhere!