June 17, 2013

Students for a Democratic Society: Free Bradley Manning!

passed July 9th, 2013
Students for a Democratic Society stands with the hero Manning in support of their actions that exposed the crimes of the U.S. military.[1] Manning said they did so to “show the true cost of war.”
Manning acted in the interest of the people of the world when they released classified videos that show the brutality of the United States and its willingness to murder innocent civilians for the sake of world dominance and profit.
Manning also released classified documents and diplomatic cables that show plans for the exploitation and destruction of Middle Eastern nations by the U.S. and Europe. These releases may have even played a role in uprisings throughout the Middle East against the rule of leaders beholden to the West.
Manning is also a proud example to LGBTQ citizens and soldiers in the U.S. and throughout the world.
Manning's attempts to make this information known to the world through Wikileaks and related media are absolutely commendable, yet they have been forced to rot in solitary confinement for this honorable work. A court martial is scheduled to begin in early June that includes the possibility of life in prison.

[1] There has been some speculation based on internet chats and Manning's military discharge status that Manning is transgender. However, Manning has yet to make a public statement regarding their preferred pronouns. Out of respect for Manning, SDS has decided to use gender-neutral pronouns (they/their) until and unless such a statement is made. We wish to assert that Manning's gender identity has no impact on our demands, our solidarity, and our view of Manning as a hero.