February 19, 2013

SDS NATIONAL CALL TO ACTION: April 11th, Demand an End to All Wars & Occupations


SDS is joining with other organizations to help promote April, 2013 as "April Days of Actions Against Drones". Actions have been called in many areas of the country and internationally. SDS is encouraging campuses and students to hold actions on Thursday, April 11th of 2013, but any action in April will go a long way to build the movement against war and occupation and to raise awarness of the heinous nature of drone attacks. Email students4democraticsociety@gmail.com to let us know what your area is doing!

An Afghan child born in the last 11 years will have lived his or her entire life under the thumb of U.S. imperialism. Generations of Palestinians have been forced to survive under the oppression of the U.S.-backed Israeli occupation. Iraqis still feel the horror of invasion and occupation, even as America knocks on Iran’s door with the butt of a rifle.
There seems to be no corner of the globe that the United States won’t invade and subdue in order to gain some small profit or strategic benefit. These incursions are made in the name of humanitarianism, as was the case in Libya. The same language of “humanitarian aid” is being used in the cases of Syria and Iran, even as it becomes more and more obvious that every place the U.S. military enters is left with nothing but death and crisis.
The reality is that untold numbers of civilians have been bombed, shot, raided, or removed from their homes and land by U.S. drones and soldiers. Furthermore, sanctions against sovereign nations like Iran and Syria have wreaked havoc on innocent civilian populations, disrupting the availability of necessities like food and medicine. Billions of dollars are wasted each year on both economic warfare and military intervention.
Students for a Democratic Society calls on all chapters, affiliates, anti-war organizations, and sympathetic people or groups to condemn this ongoing and unjustifiable violence. Now is the time to oppose ongoing US/NATO occupations and the steady march toward interventions in Iran  and Syria. Now is the time to show all peoples of the world that you stand with them.
Join us this April 11 for a national day of action. Reach out to you communities and organize a protest, a demonstration, a sit in, a teach in or any other action that will carry the message that we must end U.S.-sponsored violence. Stand with the the oppressed and occupied peoples of the world and demand:
  • an end to the war agenda of both political parties;
  • an end to the ongoing sanctions against Syria and Iran as well as the constant threats of war;
  • the immediate withdrawal of troops from foreign soil;
  • an end to murderous drone strikes and crippling sanctions.
Actions & Endorsements:
Salt Lake City, Utah - Revolutionary Student Union - April 11th @6:30pm Stand UP to War Abroad - Rally & Call-In: Rally and protest in front of the William F. Bennett Federal building. We're also encouraging Utahns and Salt Lake City Residents to call Utah Sen. Mike Lee, who sits on the Armed Services Committee, and demand he drop support for drone strikes end support for armed intervention in foreign countries.
Washington, DC - Duke SDS - April 13th.  ANSWER coalition's April 13 DC march against drones, and Duke SDSers will be sending up a group of students to participate.
Chicago, IL - Chicago SDS - April 6thJoining with the Chicago Antiwar Committee on April 6th as part of the national no drone week. We're targeting boeing & doing street theater with a star wars theme!
Minneapolis, MN - University of MN SDS - April 6th @ 1pm  SDS will have a contingent in the city-wide protest to Stop the Wars, Ground the Drones! on April 6th and we will be raising the banner to fund education, not occupation!