January 22, 2013

SDS NATIONAL CALL TO ACTION: March 14th National Day of Action for Education Rights

Events & Endorsements: 
Students for a Democratic Society - NC State University
Indiana General Membership Branch of IWW - Ivy Tech Community College
Bill Ayers , Professor @ University of Illinois, Chicago
Deb Anderson, Professor @ University of HI, Manoa
Fran Stevens, Professor @ Shelton, WA
Keegan Goodman, Professor @ Cal State University, Fresno
Nancy Rushforth, Professor @ Utah Valley University
Karen Messick, Professor @ Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville
Deborah O'Connor @ National Louis University, Chicago
Javier Mendez-Alvarez @ University of HI, Honolulu
Merrill Cole, Professor @ Western Illinois University / Macomb, IL
Joel Beeson, Professor @ West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV
Henry Chango, Professor @ University of Rhode Island
Jim Darby, Professor @ Colorado State University
Michael Perrin @ University of Texas of the Permian Basin, Odessa, TX
Tuition hikes and budget cuts have continuously threatened the future of youth on our campuses and in our communities. With each new hike in cost, thousands of students and youth are either priced out of an education that rightfully belongs to them or are forced to incur thousands of dollars of student debt. With each cut, more teachers lose their jobs, fewer students get the knowledge they deserve, and more and more young people are forced to take on a lifetime of debt. The future of this country resides in the opportunities given to us - the youth. There is no opportunity for the majority of students who are crippled by insurmountable debt upon graduation.
SDS is calling on all chapters, affiliates, and allied student groups to join this nationwide movement as we demand an end to all fees and tuition hikes. This March 14, we are asking campuses organize a demonstration, protest a board of trustees meeting, hold a sit in or a teach-in, plan a walkout or host any other action that challenges the administrators and lawmakers who continue these cuts. We will send the message that we are taking back our right to an affordable and accessible education! EDUCATION IS A RIGHT and is therefore something worth fighting for.
Students everywhere feel the pinch of overpaid administrators' and legislators' constant tuition hikes. Low-income and students of colors are being turned away at many college's doors because of lack of funds. Those at the top give themselves raises while they close down cultural centers for Black and Chicano students, end funding for women's and LGBTQ organizations, and expect student debts to pay their bloated salaries. We demand that schools start to "Chop from the top!" - cut administrator's salaries, not our education!
March 14th marks the 4th annual Spring National Day of Action for Education Rights. Join Students for a Democratic Society, take up the call to action and take back your campus this March 14. 
End the hikes! Stop the budget cuts!
Endorse this call to action! Let us know what your chapter or organization is doing on March 14th - email: students4democraticsociety@gmail.com