January 22, 2013

SDS NATIONAL CALL TO ACTION: February 26 Fight Back Against Racism and National Oppression. Remember Trayvon Martin.

Fight Back Against Racism and National Oppression.  Remember Trayvon Martin.
Trayvon Martin was shot dead one year ago in a racially charged attack. His death at the hands of George Zimmerman sparked outcry and action from communities all around the country and the world.
Since that time, thousands of crimes and attacks have been committed against African Americans and other oppressed nationalities, and thousands more have gone unreported.
This is to say nothing of the institutional racism and police brutality that plagues our communities.  Voter suppression is directed at people of color in order to take their voice. Income inequality predominantly hurts oppressed nationalities and exploits their hard work.  A pervasive school-to-prison pipeline keeps oppressed peoples locked away.  Police target and sometimes even kill men and women for no reason other than their nationality.
Though Trayvon’s murderer is now on trial, millions of people in the U.S. continue to be oppressed day and night by our system of exploitation and injustice. We must remember Trayvon and all those who have suffered the same fate.
Students for a Democratic Society calls on all chapters and all others who wish to end racism and national oppression to hold actions this February 26, the anniversary of Trayvon’s death. We must take it upon ourselves to fight institutional racism, for the self-determination of African Americans, full equality for all oppressed nationalities.  We must make sure these tragedies come to an end.
1.) That George Zimmerman be convicted of his crime!
2.) Repeal the 'Stand Your Ground' Law in Florida and copy-cat laws everywhere else!
Endorse this call to action & add your SDS chapter or organization to the list of those protesting! Email students4democraticsociety@gmail.com & let us know!
Actions on February 26th: 
Students for a Democratic Society - Penn State
Justice for Trayvon Martin - Tampa Bay Dream Defenders - Crescent Hill, USF Tampa - 6:00pm
Justice for Trayvon Martin - Milwaukee Students for a Democratic Society - UWM Union Hall - 12:00pm