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The reality is our future

The reality is our future generation needs the "proper" education to lead our country in the future generations. A College Education is a must for all to succeed in life and not live on the system. Without the underprivleged & poor having opportunities to advancement where will our country be in the next generation. A educational system is made for advancemet free of biases, segration and discrimination!!!!!!!!!!

Salutations !!!

How are you needs not being met and what are you felling ?

- Matthew

Decline of american economy

I beleive, the economy. can never come back fully, because of the deindutrialization of the American work force. Most fall back jobs, are non unionized , unstable, and pay terribly. This is the new America.
By the way, this was written in the Wall Street Journal, about thirty years ago.
We are now feeling the full effects of this policy, as we look at major cities, which have become unrecognizable, from when, I grew, up in them, about forty years ago.
I never thought, I would see, begging, become an industry,
My recommendation, to people of college age, is to think almost like people do from third and fifth world countries. Number one, get a degree in a hard science, such as civil engineering, computer science, or something in health care. Nursing, X-ray technology, nuclear medicine etc:.
This is what people do from the Middle Eastern States do, as I live in an Arabic neighborhood, and have worked in the Middle East myself, twice, under military contracts
Lastly, get a dual citizenship, and be prepared to live some were else, I myself have citizenship, in the United States and Republic of Ireland. I can work and live in any european country, no problem.
For pure economic safty sake, realize that the United States, may be in permanent decline, and at least the European Union, has a far better social safety net, than America could ever hope for.This sounds very bleak, but this is the future as I see it, no surprises, no sugar coating.

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