November 15, 2012

SDS Joins the Call to Protest the Bombing of Gaza, Palestine: NO Aid to Israel! Stop the Attacks on Palestine, NOW!

NO Aid to Israel! Stop the Attacks on Palestine, NOW!
Not even a day has gone by since Israel started “Operation Pillar of Cloud”, a new brutal war on Palestine.
The invasion continues 22 hours later. Operation Pillar of Cloud – like previous attacks on Palestine– will target and kill a significant amount of civilians.  Already, nearly a dozen civilians have been killed, including two young children – an 11-month-old and a six-year-old – while at least 45 people were wounded, 10 of them in critical condition from the first day of this attack.
While U.S. troops are not specifically in Gaza, the United States and other western powers fiscally support Israel's war causes. The U.S. State Department issued a statementwhich it said the U.S. "support[s] Israel's right to defend itself." From 2009 to 2018, the United States is scheduled to give Israel--the largest recipient of U.S. assistance--$30 billion in military aid.  U.S. tax dollars are paying for this attack on Palestinian civilians.
Ultimately, the U.S.government supports this inhumane war being waged by Israel
Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) are asking that the other chapters of SDS stand together and FIGHT BACK against this racist, hateful U.S.-backed attack on the innocent people of Palestine.
  • Protest on Friday, November 16th.  Join with people from across the U.S. this week to protest this attack and U.S. military aid to Israel.  As of Wednesday night there are already 14 actions being called for the end of this week! 
  • Call the State Department and demand that our government insist that Israel stop the attack on Gaza NOW!1- 202-647-4000. This is the main line. Ask for the comment line (the public of inquiry/public affairs line) and speak out. STOP the Attack on Gaza NOW!
Ongoing Actions SDS is Participating in - SO SHOULD YOU!
Milwaukee, WI Committee to Stop FBI Repression and Students for a Democratic Society are calling for an emergency mobilization for the people of Gaza to take place this Wednesday, Nov. 21, at 5:00pmbeginning on Water St. and Wisconsin Ave. in downtown Milwaukee. The bombing of Gaza must stop and we demand an end to U.S. foreign aid for Israel. 
Minneapolis, MN Marshall/Lake Street Bridge | Wednesday November 21 @ 4:30 | Bridge Vigil: Say NO to US Military Aid to Israel! Say No to Israels Attack on Gaza!
Rally & March in Solidarity w/ Gaza |Saturday, Nov 24 @ 2pm | Loring Park, Minneapolis
Rally & Die-In for Gaza | Weds, Nov 28th @ 12:05pm | Northrop Mall, U of M Twin Cities Campus
Florida STATEWIDE Sunday, November 25th @ 1:30pm | Florida Palestine Network is  calling upon justice-loving in the State of Florida to condemn Israel’s war crimes against the peopl e of Gaza. Will end with a candlelight vigil | Gather @ Lake Eola Park
Montclair, NJ Pro-Palestine rally organized by Muslim Student Assoc. and SDS | Wednesday, November 1st | MSU Campus