September 19, 2012

On the 11th Anniversary of the War in Afghanistan, SDS Demands an End to All Wars and Occupations. All Out the Week of Oct. 7th!

For too long the United States and allied forces have been fighting an imperialist war in Afghanistan. Today, most children born in the United States the year of the invasion of Afghanistan are beginning 5th grade. The murder of countless Afghan people in this imperialist war is a crime against humanity. The amount of resources that have been expended to crush Afghanistan, one of the poorest nations in the world, is truly staggering.. Students for a Democratic Society demand the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghan soil.
    The U.S. is entering its 11th year of war crimes in Afghanistan while the majority of the world cries out for an end to this unjust war and the atrocities that follow. At a time when our government tells us there is no money for basic human needs such as housing, healthcare and education, this same government continues to spend trillions of dollars on perilous, tyrannical efforts such as this  this outrageous attack on the nation of Afghanistan. We have seen that the appetite for war among the powerful in America has yet to be satisfied. For years, many in Washington and Wall Street have funded countless efforts to convince the American people that a war with Iran is inevitable. More recently, efforts have ramped up to justify an invasion of Syria. We cannot allow these outrageously unjustifiable wars to come to pass.
    The atrocities that the US government has perpetrated against the people of Afghanistan are tragic and infuriating. We cannot be silent while our government continues to pillage and exploit other countries. We cannot allow our government to kill tens of thousands more. It is time to for a new plan - a People's plan - spending our society’s resources on our own needs, such as education, employment, and other necessities many Americans today find nearly impossible to obtain. The monumental waste of resources allocated for these wars MUST COME TO AN END.
 On the week of October 7th, people in cities across the nation will be protesting and educating about the war on Afghanistan and the pending invasions of Iran and Syria - Students for a Democratic Society is calling on students and youth to do the same. Find local actions, mobilize people on your campus to flyer or do teach-ins about ending all wars. Now is the time, to stand up to imperial waste and show the people of Afghanistan and the world that WE stand with them.
Let us know what you're doing for the week of October 7th. or comment on this post!

Chapters Protesting:

Duke University | Durham, NC | Oct. 18 @ 6:30pm | Location: Duke Coffeehouse | Antiwar teach-in, discussing U.S. militarism and its impacts in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, and unofficially around the world
U of WI - Milwaukee | Milwaukee, WI | Tues, Oct 2nd | Location: Spaights Plaza | SDS will be holding an informational protest of the ongoing Afghanistan war. We must never forget the injustice of U.S. imperialism.
U of MN - Twin Cities | Minneapolis, MN | Thursday, Oct 11th @ 4:15pm | Location: Outside Hubert Humphrey Bldg. March to 1200 Washington Ave S. | Join us for a feeder march from campus to protest the war in Afghanistan outside of Sen. Amy Klobuchar's office with the greater TC anti-war Movement. Demand: *Money for Human Needs Not War! *Troops Home from Afghanistan Now! *No Wars with Syria or Iran!
U of FL - Gainesville | Gainesvilles, FL 2 Events - See Below
Monday, Oct 1st @ 6:30pm | Location: Anderson 32 UF-Gnvl | Hands off Syria Discussion.
Monday, Oct 8th @ 2:30pm | Location: Turlington Plaza | We will be having an Anti-war Rally to commemorate this day. We call for an end to the War in Afghanistan, and that there no longer be U.S. intervention in Syria.
U of Southern Florida | Tampa Bay, FL | Monday, Oct 8th @ 11am | Location: USF Cooper Hall | Over a trillion dollars has been spent to murder innocent people across the globe, meanwhile student debt and cuts to education are at an all time high. While the war carries on in Afghanistan, the US Government continues to beat the war drum against Iran and Syria. Join Tampa Bay SDS and members of the community to say NO MORE WAR!
Montclair State University | Montclair, NJ | Thursday, Oct 4th @ 3pm | Location: Student Center Quad | Montclair State is holding a candlelight vigil for the civilian and military victims of the illegal war in Afghanistan.
U of IL - Chicago | Chicago, IL | Sunday, Oct 7th @ 3pm | Location: Tribune Towers | SDS will join with Chicago Committee Againgst Political Repression for a march starting at Tribune Towers, stopping by Obama's HQ, and ending at Boeing HQ. There will be people speaking at each location. We will have a die-in at Tribune Towers.