July 16, 2012

Students & Youth: Protest the Republican & Democratic National Conventions!

Youth and students from all over the world and country are fighting back against the incredible injustices reaped upon the world’s people by US politicians and their corporate backers.  From the capital rotunda of Wisconsin to Zucotti park, to the Tampa Bay Times Forum in Florida to Wall Street South, to Egypt’s Tahrir Square and the Greek uprisings, youth have demonstrated that our energy and passion will lead the way in the struggle against a system historically rooted in oppression.  With the 2012 Presidential election coming up, it is time to hold the feet of Republican and Democratic politicians to the fire.  We will not be fooled by divide and conquer tactics - neither of these parties will genuinely fight for the needs of our generation, of working people, or of oppressed people throughout the world. Now is the time for youth to stand together!  

Why we’re marching...
Access to education is a HUMAN RIGHT, but we are seeing access dwindle. Many students today cannot afford post-secondary education and are generally faced with two options: don’t go to college, or attend and face tens of thousands of dollars in student debt. Student loans are one of the biggest threats to the future success of our generation;  most people spend decades, if not their lifetime paying for what is a natural human right. Within the context of a totally destabilized job market, there are few quality jobs for recent graduates, and many students are stuck with doing the same work they did before they got their degree - usually a job that does not pay enough to afford the bills.
Millions of people have lost their homes and jobs as a result of the crisis created by the irresponsible practices of “too-big-to-fail” banks.  Reproductive rights for women and LGBTQ people are under attack while the government continues to spend more money on wars and occupations abroad.  Finally, Republicans & Democrats alike have spearheaded racist attacks on immigrants, detaining and deporting them, and continue to criminalize honest, hard-working people.
People all across the U.S. and the world are realizing that the problems in our society are bigger than a few bad leaders, laws, or particular corporations. What our society needs is NOT corporate bailouts, tax breaks for the rich, endless, brutal wars and criminalization of those who are on the right side of history. What the PEOPLE need is money for human needs such as education, housing, healthcare. It is the government’s responsibility to provide greater access to these, rather than pillage them.

Every person who is denied access to healthcare, is denied their reproductive rights, is deported, goes broke, jobless, and homeless or is thrown in prison while Wall Street firms reel in record profits demonstrates that the Republican & Democratic Party has continually placed profits before people.  JOIN US! to demand Good Jobs, Healthcare, Affordable Education, Equality and Peace!

Dare to struggle, dare to win!
Students for a Democratic Society
Protest RNC, Tampa, FL August 27-30th: Join the student contingent August 27th in Tampa, FL  | The permitted rally and march on the Republican National Convention will start at 10:00 AM, Monday, August 27, 2012, at Perry Harvey Sr. Park, 1200 N Orange Ave, Tampa, FL.
Protest DNC, Charlotte, NC September 1-6th: Join the student contingent September 2nd in Charlotte, NC | The Coalition to March on Wall St South is organizing and leading this massive people’s demonstration that will bring the fight to the doorsteps of Bank of America and Wells Fargo’s headquarters, as well as Bank of America Stadium, site of this year’s Democratic National Convention. While events, direct actions, and demonstrations will be going on from Sept. 1st through the 6th, this march is our chance to all come together as one in opposition to the banks and the corporate parties. March with youth and student activists from North Carolina and across the US in the Youth and Student Contingent of the march. This event is permitted and family-friendly.