July 31, 2012

SDS in Solidarity with Palermos Pizza Workers of Milwaukee!

No justice, No Pizza!
Students for a Democratic Society is calling on campuses and students across the country to stand with the striking Palermos Pizza workers in Milwaukee, WI.
Organize your campus to boycott the pizzas (http://sliceofjustice.com/), sign the petition (http://signon.org/sign/tell-palermos-pizza-stop), and donate to the strike fund (https://www.wepay.com/donations/183059)
Palermos workers demand what all workers deserve: respect, dignity, and the right to collectively bargain. In demanding a Palermos Workers Union, these workers have faced retaliatory action and incredible risk.
The Palermo’s Workers Union is demanding that Palermo Villa recognizes the Palermo’s Workers Union, re-instate the workers who were fired or replaced for participating in the strike, and negotiate a fair labor contract.
These workers, mostly Latino, courageously fight back amidst a time when workers, immigrants and students are all under attack from a ruling class in economic crisis.
A victory for the Palermos Workers Union is a victory for us all!
We applaud members of Milwaukee Students for a Democratic Society who picket and organize alongside the striking workers.
Workers and students: unite and fight!
Boycott Palermos!