November 09, 2011

Students for a Democratic Society Stands with the Occupy Movement!

Students for a Democratic Society fully endorses the expanding movement known as Occupy Wall Street, as well as the thousand+ occupations that are occurring across the country. Students for a Democratic Society recognizes that students are in the midst of a debt crisis and are affected by an economy that is hurting young people very badly as they leave college buried under debt.
The growing mass consciousness of the Occupations continues to remind the 1% that their devotion to unbridled self-enrichment is the cause of mass injustice and exploitation. While 99% of the people are crippled with economic inequality, depleted social services, institutionally corrupt government, endless foreign war, and all the other symptoms of an unjust society, that little 1% would like to have us believe we created our own suffering and our own injustice.
But in arresting over 1,000 of our comrades, baton-ing and booting countless more, by shoving and yelling without restraint, and by dismissing us as "lazy, misguided, and dirty hippies," all while the protests continue to grow and carry on without fear, the 1% shows the world that they are the ones exploiting us with endless amounts of injustice, unfairness, and greed.
Students for a Democratic Society stands firm with Occupy Wall Street, and we welcome the thousand+ of occupations rising up from coast to coast, from LA, to Minneapolis and Chicago, to Gainesville and New Orleans, to DC, New York, and Boston. We hope these protests will only continue to grow, continue to unite between students and the working class, and that they lead to some major economic, social, and political transformations.
People Before Profits
Bailout Students NOT Wall Street
Free Education for All!