September 29, 2011

This October, Protest 10 Years of War in Afghanistan

Students and Youth,
This October will mark ten years of the U.S. and NATO war and occupation in Afghanistan.  Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) is calling on you to join SDS and the antiwar movement in demanding an end to the U.S. wars and occupations.
Ten Years in Afghanistan- Ten Too Many
October 7, 2001, the U.S began bombing Afghanistan.  Since that day, tens of thousands of Afghan civilians have died - men, women and children killed as a result of the war.  In the first six months of 2011, 1,462 civilians were killed.   Sixteen hundred  U.S. soldiers have died, with many thousands more returning wounded, missing limbs, or suffering from PTSD.  
Recent polls have found that most Americans are opposed to the war.  The Obama administration talks of troop withdrawal, but air strikes are increasing, and there are twice as many troops in Afghanistan as when Obama took office.   The people of Afghanistan have a right to determine the fate of the government- and the majority of Afghans want the U.S. and NATO forces out of their country.  The puppet regime the U.S. and NATO are propping up is corrupt and has no legitimacy in the eyes of the majority of Afghanis.  After ten years, the so-called “War on Terror” has shown itself to be merely an attempt to expand and strengthen U.S. empire across the globe.

Fund Education, Not Occupation
The war in Afghanistan has cost a staggering $459.8 billion, with billions more being spent every month the war continues.  Military spending takes up a huge chunk of the federal budget.  Yet while the U.S. government spends billions on unmanned drones and planes, in the U.S. our educational system is in crisis.   Lacking funds, our schools have opted to pass responsibility of funding education to students, faculty, and staff.  Boards of Trustees vote to hike tuition and fees, to impose furlough days on teachers, and to cut much-needed programs and services.  In places like California, top administrators make no secret of their plans to privatize the universities.   With the rising cost of school, an education becomes harder and harder for many young people to pursue.  We need funds for our education, not for war and occupation in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Since SDS was founded in 2006, it has organized and participated in protests against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq annually.   On the anniversary of these wars, chapters across the country take action.  We are calling students make their voices heard in October.  Whether you join a demonstration taking place in your city, organize a rally on your campus, or hold an informational event that educates people about the war, we are asking you to join with SDS and the national antiwar movement to say NO in October to U.S. wars and occupation!
  • There will be an ongoing protest in Washington D.C. starting on Oct. 6, which will include non-violent ‘civil resistance’ actions in the capitol.  
  • A Midwest regional anti-war march has been called for Chicago on Saturday,Oct.8. 
SDS can help you network with nearby chapters, publicize your event, help with materials such as literature and flyers, and brainstorm creative ways to protest.  To get involved with SDS, visit our website at   To send in your plans for October, email us at
No to War and Occupation! Troops Out Now!