July 17, 2011

Students and Youth: Protest the NATO/G8 Summit in Chicago May 15-22: Endorse the Call!

On May 15, 2012, President Obama and Chicago mayor Rahm Emmanuel will host the US-commanded NATO military alliance and a summit of the G-8 world powers (U.S., Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Canada, and Russia). NATO forces are actively engaged in gruesome wars, occupations and attacks on Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, the Middle East and elsewhere. So far, NATO has dropped thousands of bombs, some with depleted uranium, killing civilians and starving thousands of Libyans. Meanwhile, the G-8 countries are scrambling to maintain profit during a worldwide economic crisis by continuing to push austerity measures on workers and economically colonizing so-called “developing” nations.
Students for a Democratic Society calls on youth to seize this moment to express our outrage. SDS calls on our chapters, and student and youth organizations, to protest against this flex of military and economic might in our own heartland city, Chicago. We encourage others to sign onto this call to action from the United National Antiwar Committee, and to mobilize for the massive demonstrations to confront the war criminals head on. Email UNACpeace@gmail.com to submit your endorsement.
Chicago peace and justice organizations, together with the United National Antiwar Committee (UNAC), are calling for a united mass mobilization to protest the NATO and G8 Summits to be held in Chicago May 15 to 22. Permit applications were submitted for:
  • Tuesday, May 15 – a national assembly to put the warmakers on trial.
  • Saturday, May 19 – a major international demonstration to express broad outrage at the gathering of war makers wasting trillions of dollars on war and devastation during a time of enormous economic hardship and crisis for millions.
Whereas, the U.S. is the major and pre-eminent military, economic and political power behind NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), and
Whereas, the U.S. will be hosting a major NATO gathering in the spring of 2012, and
Whereas, U.S. and NATO-allied forces are actively engaged in the monstrous wars, occupations and military attacks on Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, the Middle East and elsewhere,
Be it resolved that:
   1. UNAC, in conjunction with a broad range of groups and organizations that share general agreement with the major demands adopted at our 2010 Albany, NY national conference, initiate a mass demonstration at the site of the NATO gathering, and
   2. UNAC welcomes and encourages the participation of all groups interested in mobilizing against war and for social justice in planning a broad range of other NATO meeting protests including teach-ins, alternative conferences and activities organized on the basis of direct action/civil resistance, and
   3. UNAC will seek to make the NATO conference the occasion for internationally coordinated protests, and
   4. UNAC will convene a meeting of all of the above forces to discuss and prepare initial plans to begin work on this spring action.