April 05, 2011

The Latin America Solidarity Coalition Presents: Education and Strategy Conference for Confronting US Militarism

CALLING ALL YOUTH AND STUDENTS! We are inviting all youth and students to join us at this important conference. As students and youth around the world are leading historical actions to demand a better society from leaders, it is vital that their US counterparts do the same. Only through solidarity can we be sure that our government does not interfere with their gains. Moreover, issues of militarization disproportionately impact the young, and it is their voice that will play the most critical role in rejecting the military industrial complex.
Youth and students are the ones that fight and die in wars perpetuated by the military establishment. They are the ones that suffer when tuition is raised, because government education funding is being diverted to the war machine. They are the ones that are forced to take bad jobs, or not find jobs at all, as the economy hobbles along injured by the grotesque amount of money spent on foreign wars and the exertion of US military power.
It is time that the youth of the US stand up with their counterparts from around the world and take the lead against one of the most pressing issues of our time, the US culture of militarism. Please join us at this important event as we plan to confront militarism, act as effective solidarity allies and press for a future that will benefit us all. We look forward to your participation and leadership, and hope that you will join the Youth and Student caucus to plan our future!
Endorsed by SDS