March 20, 2011

Join the Student Contingent April 9th in NYC: Fund Education, Not Occupation!

Students for a Democratic Society is calling for students across the country to join with thousands on April 9th in New York City and San Francisco to protest the U.S. government’s ongoing wars against the peoples of the Middle East and the occupations of their lands. As the people of Egypt have proven, protest is necessary for change. A majority of people in the U.S. oppose the wars on Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan; we must make this opposition visible. Take action by joining the student and youth contingent in New York on April 9th and demand:
Money for human needs and education, NOT for war!
NO to War and Occupation of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, Bring the troops home NOW!
Hands off Libya & Bahrain! U.S. Out of Arab & African Lands!
Stop the sanctions and threats of war against North Korea, Iran, & Yemen!
End U.S. aid to the Israeli occupation of Palestine!
Stop the political repression of anti-war and international solidarity activists!
Hands off Latin America and the people of the Caribbean!
We reject U.S. wars, occupations, and bombings of the people of the Middle East and elsewhere. The occupation of Afghanistan is ongoing, as is the occupation of Iraq. We are nearing the 8th year of the war the U.S. has waged on Iraq; with nearly 4500 U.S. soldiers and over 1.4 million Iraqis dead, we must stand up against these atrocities and say "NO More!" The people of the world have a right to self determination without U.S. military intervention. Let Iraqis and Afghanis control their own destinies! 
Join Students for a Democratic Society at the student & youth contingent!
Meet up at Washington Square Park near the New York University campus at 11 A.M on Saturday, April 9th. We will then march to Union Square to feed into the larger protest.
For further information:
Funding for education, not for war and occupation!  U.S. out of Afghanistan and Iraq NOW!