March 06, 2011

Budget cuts spur student walkout at El Centro in downtown Dallas

DALLAS - About 50 students walked out of classes Wednesday afternoon at El Centro Community College as a show of solidarity for the National Day of Action to Defend Public Education.
With deep budget cuts being considered at the state and federal level, students say their futures are on the line.
The students gathered at Main and Lamar streets in downtown Dallas carrying signs that read, "Can't vote, can't drink, don't take away our right to think."
Student India Davidson said she is afraid she will lose her federal Pell Grant, without which she wouldn't be able to continue her dream of getting an education degree to become a teacher.
She's not alone. Fear of losing financial aid from the state and-or the federal government is what prompted participation from most students who talked with News 8.
They say it's already hard enough in this economy to get a job with an education, let alone without one.
Students for a Democratic Society at El Centro Community College organized the walkout and march. El Centro said it is an approved student organization and students have a right to protest. However, the campus did take safety precautions to protect the safety of all students.