February 20, 2011

Wisconsin SDS: All Out to Defend Education on March 2nd

The occupied Wisconsin State Capitol building stands as a testament to student and worker power in the face of attacks on education and public services. Tens of thousands of students, teachers, workers, and families have rallied at the state capitol for a week straight to stand up for their rights to a living wage, education, and collective bargaining. In addition to the occupation of the state capitol, there have been walkouts at high schools and universities across the state. Milwaukee Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) organized a walkout of 3,000 college students, faculty, and staff. In dozens of Wisconsin cities, students walked out or teachers called in sick, shutting down entire districts for days.
Wisconsin SDS and The United Council of University of Wisconsin Students (UC) have endorsed the national call to action on March 2nd. SDS is planning actions in over 20 cities across the country, and Wisconsin SDS is calling all students to take action on March 2nd.
All eyes are on Wisconsin as hundreds of thousands of students and workers fight cuts. Wisconsinites anticipate Governor Walker to announce massive, devastating cuts to Wisconsin public schools on March 1st, while teachers and students prepare for the national day of action.
Now is the time for students to stand up for our teachers, our education, and our future! Wisconsin SDS chapters stand in solidarity with teachers and workers everywhere as they fight for the future of public education. Wisconsin SDS calls on students everywhere to protest, walk out, occupy, and strike in defense of our rights to public education on March 2nd!
In Solidarity,
Wisconsin SDS