February 28, 2011

UNC Chapel Hill SDS Send Solidarity Greetings to all the Workers and Students in Wisconsin

UNC Chapel Hill SDS commends and sends our utmost solidarity to all the workers and students in Wisconsin who won a historic victory by defeating Governor Walker's attempts to break the two week long occupation of the Capitol. The courageous and valiant stand that thousands of people took in defiance of police orders to clear the Capitol was a monumental win for working people across this country and for all of our movements! Congratulations sisters and brothers!
Your dedication and steadfast determination to defeat Governor Walker's right wing, anti-union attack on the public sector has inspired people across the country, and indeed the world, and has awoken and re-energized the movement to defend public jobs, education, and all public services. The solidarity demonstrated between workers and students from across all sectors exposes the true character of this attack--as a coordinated, vicious, right wing assault on the entire working class. For more than two weeks now, you have held rallies and demonstrations that have drawn tens of thousands of people into the streets, led walkouts at high schools and universities, united workers and students in a way that hasn't been seen in this country in far too long, and held an occupation of your state capitol to fight back against Governor Walker's efforts to repeal public workers' right to collectively bargain and to make workers and students pay for this crisis which we did not create. And you are winning sisters and brothers!
In the spirit of the people of Egypt and elsewhere around the world who are rising up, the people of Wisconsin are showing the way forward! Your efforts are emboldening a new generation to take our destiny into our own hands, you are showing the way to fight back against budget cuts and attacks on the public sector, and you are truly demonstrating the power of solidarity, the power of the people! Your struggle is opening up new opportunities for all of our movements, including the fight here in North Carolina to repeal the Jim Crow era law that makes it illegal for public sector workers to collectively bargain. We are living in historic times and you are leading the way and inspiring people across the country who are facing similar attacks to take bold and militant action to stop these cuts and attempts to break public sector unions. Stay strong sisters and brothers, we are with you, working people around the U.S. are with you, and we will continue to stand with you until this whole bill is killed and victory is won! An injury to one is an injury to all! All power to the people!