February 28, 2011

UNC Asheville Students for a Democratic Society Declares Solidarity With the Public Service Workers of Wisconsin

The University of North Carolina at Asheville Students for a Democratic Society hereby declare our solidarity with the public service workers of Wisconsin in their struggle to assert their rights against Republican Governor Walker’s anti-union bill.
We have all been personally affected by a public-sector worker, and to stand together with the workers of Wisconsin in protest of this enormous violation of their rights as citizens is the embodiment of democratic action. Their courage to stand up against the big business ethics running so many political centers in this country is an inspiration to all of us who feel the reciprocations of policies that benefit the wealthiest of Americans and leave the rest of us to fend for ourselves in an economy struggling to keep its head above water. Collective bargaining rights allow workers to stand up for themselves against exploitation and manipulation by the hands of big business, and we must stride confidently forward to keep and utilize these rights, asserting ourselves as the men and women of Wisconsin are doing right now.
This type of legislation demonstrates exactly where the Governor’s policies are coming from: the stance of privilege and disregard for the very people that keep our infrastructures, educational institutions, and public services running. Can we allow an infringement like this, soon to be copied by big-business government officials not just in Ohio but across the nation? Absolutely not.
We as students are affected by these types of blows to worker’s rights since none of us would be in our position as students without the influence of the public sector, namely public education at all levels from primary school to our public university. We send our deepest support to the workers of Wisconsin. Kill that bill, Governor Walker.