February 20, 2011

UMN SDS: Solidarity with the Workers of Wisconsin!

University of Minnesota - Twin Cities Students for a Democratic Society (UMN SDS) sends our solidarity to the tens of thousands of workers throughout Wisconsin demanding an end to Governor Walker’s union-busting bill.
Wisconsin’s struggle sheds a light on what is to come next for working people throughout the country if we do not stand up now to unite together and fight this bill. Everyday, thousands of people are being laid off and being forced to face the brunt of failing “benefits” systems like Unemployment Insurance or having their pensions slashed. Now, Governor Walker wants to annihilate collective bargaining rights for public-sector workers. Unions are one of the only ways that workers still maintain control over the decisions that affect their livelihoods. This anti-worker legislation must be stopped! For too long, those in power have been balancing the budgets on the backs of poor and working people; now, to say that workers won’t even have a seat at the table in deciding the future of their work is an outrage!
At the University of Minnesota, SDS has struggled side bye side unions workers long and hard to demand an end to involuntary furloughs, lay-offs, tuition increases, and a right to shared governance. As students, we are impacted by these critical decisions since most of us will also soon be workers. Public sector employees make our educations happen through answering our questions about classes to posting our grades. In a flailing economy, workers need to have the right to collective bargaining. We must fight back to ensure that collective bargaining is still available for generations to come.
Kill the bill!
Defend the rights of working people!
Students for a Democratic Society - University of MN Twin Cities